Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Genola Volunteer Fire Department
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Genola Utah 84655

June 26, 2012 
For immediate release 

Genola Town Fire Chief Restricts Fireworks

The Genola Town Fire Chief has prohibited the use of fireworks and open burning in several areas of Genola.

Chief Greg Smith cited the abundance of tall grasses and weeds, continuing high temperatures and winds that quickly dry out vegetation as the need for the restriction. He also noted that there is a large fuel load of “duff” or undergrowth from previous years that adds to the fire danger.

The following restrictions are in place for the duration of the 2012 fireworks season:
1)      All areas south of Highway 6 within the Genola Town limits. 
2)      All areas east of 800 east to 1200 north.
3)      All areas east of Hillside Drive and continuing on 1600 north to Main Street.
4)      All areas east of Lake Road within the boundaries of Genola Town limits.

If you live within the restricted areas, please enjoy your fireworks by setting them off within the Genola Town Park (please be responsible and clean up after your fun). The Fire Department will continue to monitor environmental conditions throughout the rest of the Town for additional fireworks restrictions.

As a reminder:
To report non-emergency situations call 801-794-3970.
To report a fire, stop a crime or save a life call 911.

For more information, please contact Chief Greg Smith at 801-360-2311 or check the Fire Departments blog at