Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Class of 2020 Graduate Parade

We are excited to celebrate our graduating high school seniors with a socially-distant parade! The Senior Celebration Parade will start at the park at 6:45pm this Tuesday, May 19th. The cars will travel around Genola for citizens to come out of their homes and wave and shout congratulations to our seniors. A more detailed route and schedule will be posted Monday or Tuesday so you can see when and if they will be coming down your street. Interested citizens may park their cars along Main Street, in the church parking lot, or in areas around the park to honk and wave as the seniors go by. If you come to one of these locations, please remain in or around your personal car and observe all designated social distancing guidelines. Let's make this a celebration our seniors can look back on with fond memories! Their proms, parties, and graduations have been removed and/or adjusted to be nothing like they've always imagined. Let's show them some support and cheer at this special time in their lives! Spread the word to your neighbors!

Here is our parade route. Please come outside and cheer! If we don't pass your house please park on main and cheer for the kids on their way back to the park.
We will leave the park at 6:30 and be back by 7:00 or 7:15.
6:15 Meet at park by baseball field
6:30 L out of park
L 600 W
Pass Melissa Ward's house
L 800 S
R Annie Ekins
Pass Daxton, Korrine and Lauren's house
U-turn on Annie Ekins
R on state
Pass Morford girls house
L on 600 E
Pass Brinkley Blacks
R on center
L 800 E
Pass Blake Pyne, Kylie Ewell, Seth Judd, Tori Tribett
L 1200 E
Pass Brylee Johnson's
U turn
R 800 E
R 800 N
L main
Pass Rian's grandparents
Pass Thomas Shannon's family